WATCH: Eddie Huang Pitches A Pop-Up Vietnamese Restaurant In Front Of A Pet Hospital

“Let me get one real quick, son,” implores Eddie Huang as he stops a stranger on the street in San Francisco’s Mission District for a hit of his joint. And thus begins part two of his VICE series Fresh Off The Boat’s Bay Area episode. This week, he joins up with the Rice Paper Scissors girls to partake in their authentic Vietnamese pop-up restaurant, which is less LudoBites and more “camping out on the street tailgate-style in front of a pet clinic with a tiny grill and tiny stools.”

They visit a couple of Vietnamese markets, there’s a suspiciously subtitled section where Eddie is speaking in either his or the fishmonger’s native tongue, and it is revealed to us why Vietnamese bagels are bullshit bagels.

Plus, we learn that lining the lip of a Coke can with Sriracha is a thing, sometimes sexy Asian hipster girls actually can cook, and, as Eddie sees it, food is the gateway drug to any culture. He also waxes rhapsodic some more about why non-Asian critics can’t critique Asian food until they’ve truly been immersed in the culture, which is always entertaining.

Check out part two of Episode 1 below. Bonus: this one doesn’t feature any bunny slayings, but it does show cephalopods being mercilessly grilled. Can you hear their silent scream? PETA can.

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