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Eric Ripert Explains Why He’s Abandoning Philly’s 10 Arts (And Why He’s Still Cool With Jen Carroll)

The super secret project that caused Eric Ripert to quit Washington, D.C.? It’s apparently so time-consuming that he also regrettably had to quit 10 Arts, the Philadelphia restaurant he once helmed along with Jen Carroll, in order to focus on it.

“I hated to do it, but it was necessary,” he told Eater Philadelphia in an interview. “It’s about 95% done, but nothing is definitely signed, so I am not allowed to [talk about it]. But, it’s exciting for me, and it requires a lot of time.”

He refrained from offering up any more details, even whether it would be located in New York — “I wish I could just say it and get the word out because it’s exciting,” he added — but did share a few other Top Chef -related gossip-ables.

For instance: he and Carroll still talk! And she calls him all the time! And he shares our rage and confusion towards the hot mess that Top Chef has become! We hope that your secret project is your own version of Top Chef, but without all of the labyrinthine twists and turns that ends with everyone being eaten by a minotaur named Padma.

[Eater PA]

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