Now Facebook Knows Where You Eat, Thanks to New Deal with OpenTable

Yeah, Facebook already knows a lot about you: where you live, who your friends are, what you did last summer, etc. Now, thanks to a partnership with OpenTable, the dining reservation company’s users can now book tables through a Facebook app — and, whaddya know, Facebook now knows where you eat dinner.

Reuters reports that an agreement between OpenTable (restaurateur Danny Meyer is a board member) and the Internet House That Mark Zuckerberg Built will allow OpenTable users to make reservations on Facebook mobile pages, part of the social media company’s expansion of ways to build a creepy computer avatar of your human personality their mobile outreach.

While the move made OpenTable a butt-load of money (its stock reached a year high of $74.47 on the NASDAQ), we shudder to think about the, um, civil liberty issues at stake by partnering with a company famous for its controversial privacy policies and alleged compliance with the NSA. Because, uh, first they came for our dining reservations, and we said nothing, because we got a table for two at Le Bernardin on Valentine’s Day. Or something.

Actually, this is super convenient, creepy Facebook policies be damned. Thanks for the agreement, corporations!

[Reuters via Huffington Post]

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