Five Chefs Left: The Drinking Game You’ll Need to Get Through The Episode

top chef drinking game

We’re almost at the end, and now that Kwame is gone, we’re definitely at the point where we die a little inside every time a contestant gets eliminated. Plus, it’s season 13, episode 13. Doubly unlucky- if you watched the previews for tonight’s episode, you know that a contestant will be eliminated in the Quickfire challenge in addition to the elimination challenge. So grab that box of tissues and a bottle of something. You’re gonna need to numb the pain.

Note: Please drink responsibly. Switch to water if you need to!

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Drink 1 Sip:

  • Any time a chef says he or she is NOT going to go home over a piece of toast.
  • Any time a chef can’t believe anyone is going to go home for a piece of toast.
  • Any time a chef mentions that ____ is in his/her area of expertise, because he or she does it at the restaurant.
  • Any time a chef mentions that people LOVE this dish at the restaurant.
  • When a chef says they’ve never made ____ before.
  • When a judge says a dish is under-seasoned.
  • When a judge says something is undercooked.
  • When a judge says something is overcooked.
  • When a judge just “doesn’t get” the dish.
  • When one of the chefs is “there to win, not to make friends.”
  • When a judge is disappointed that people are still making bad food this late in the game.
  • When Marjorie mentions having cooked at Per Sé or similar, and therefore she’s at an advantage cooking at Fleur de Lys.
  • Any time someone uses the word “iconic” to describe Fleur de Lys.
  • Any time someone uses the phrase “San Francisco institution” to describe Fleur de Lys.

Top Chef

Drink 2 Sips:

  • When Padma makes a terrible joke.
  • Any time Tom comes up with a pun based on either the name of the dish or an aspect of the challenge
  • When a chef or judge says “someone has to go home.” Thank you for reminding us!
  • If Padma is drunker than you and you need to catch up.


Take A Shot:

  • When whoever goes home says “this won’t be the last you see of me.” (both times)


  • During the entire inevitable insane montage of praise from famous culinary people for Fleur de Lys.

Thanks for playing! We’ll be back tomorrow with a recap in case you can’t remember what happened. Cheers!

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