UPDATE: Superfly to Refund GoogaMooga VIP Tickets For Rained-Out Sunday

We spoke to Superfly Co-Founder Jonathan Mayers about the Great GoogaMooga Debacle of 2013 (not to be confused with the Great GoogaMooga Debacle of 2012), and he confirmed that his company would be refunding VIP ticketholders, as well as drink tickets that were purchased today.

He said:

First we are working with [New York City Parks Department] to be sure that safety is our number one precaution. We are doing things like refunding VIP Sunday to the fans, we also will be refunding drink tickets. We are working on solutions right now about what we’re doing with the food but that’s something that our team is very much on. Our restaurant coordinating team is working with all the vendors, making sure there’s smooth load-out.

Click here for the rest of the interview with Mayers, about whether he’ll try again next year, and why, exactly, the thing got shit-canned.

More information about ticket refunds can be found at GoogaMooga’s website.

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