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Is Gordon Ramsay Teaching Bradley Cooper How To Cook For His Chef Movie?

Given that the Sun is the source of this story, take this with a grain of Himalayan rock salt (or a slab, more like it) — but rumor has it that none other than Gordon Ramsay will teach Bradley Cooper how to be a chef for, well, the upcoming movie Chef. (Not the Jon Favreau one; please don’t sue us, Sony.)

“Gordon’s going to be giving Bradley a crash-course in cookery and teaching him some flash tricks like knife-work so Bradley looks like an experienced chef,” a source told the Sun, adding that the two blondes are both signed to the Creative Artists Agency. In addition, the camera-experienced Gordon might maybe (in tabloid parlance) be thinking of moving into the acting realm: “A cameo in Chef would be the perfect start if he wanted to dip his toe into acting.” Like, in a Bobby Flay in Entourage-type way?

While Thomas Keller’s notoriously done the Hollywood chef-training rounds (first as Adam Sandler’s sandwich tutor, then as the inspiration for Ratatouille), this is the first time that Ramsay’s been attached as a film consultant. The Michelin-studded chef  will coach Cooper in his role as “Parisian cook Adam Jones — who destroys his career with drugs before getting clean and trying to open a restaurant that can gain three Michelin stars.”

So basically, it’s Jack Bourdain all over again? Except as a feature film? Yay?

[The Sun via Eater]

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