Graham Elliot Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Waiters, Now Hiring

Fourteen waiters formerly employed by Graham Elliot at his eponymous and Michelin-starred Chicago restaurant sued him for illegally pooling and unfairly redistributing their tips between bussers, back-waiters, and bartenders, but Graham has finally settled out of court.

He paid off the griping waiters in a settlement earlier this month that was signed off on by a judge. According to court documents, it was cited as a “fair” amount, but the actual numbers weren’t revealed.

Hilariously enough, upon this story breaking, Graham Elliot tweeted that he was now hiring new staffers, carrying on the latest of culinary traditions: tweeting resto job listings. He’s seeking members for the “GRAHAM ELLIOT culinary team,” in case you’re interested! Presumably he’s not stiffing chefs on the line, so totally email for a job, guys! We’re sure some former MasterChef-testants will get right on that one.

(David Martinez couldn’t possibly have kept the job he was offered on MasterChef, could he?)

[Twitter, TMZ]

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