Graham Elliot Closes His Chicago Sandwich Shop Grahamwich

After the successful opening of his third, church/rock-themed Chicago restaurant g.e.b., we didn’t expect Graham Elliot’s sophomore space — a sandwich shop dubbed Grahamwich to close quite so soon.

Alas, “Ladies and gentlemen, Grahamwich has left the building,” he told the Chicago Tribune in a statement.

“We played our last set this past weekend at Lollapalooza,” Elliot said of the restaurant’s representation at the festival, for which he curated the grub as its official culinary director. (Grahamwich closed quietly the following Monday.) Added Graham, “We’d like to give a huge shout-out to all our fans for their loyalty and support, and look forward to getting the band back together sometime in the future.”

Themed press releases. So darling.

Elliot’s eponymous Michelin-starred restaurant also survives in Chicago, and perhaps worth noting is that Grahamwich’s close coincides with the MasterChef judge’s recovery from major weight loss surgery. He showed up to last weekend’s Lollapalooza an impressive 56 pounds slimmer than before his surgery just three weeks ago.

[Chicago Tribune]

Graham Elliot Loses 56 Pounds Three Weeks After Weight Loss Surgery
Graham Elliot Underwent Major Weightloss Surgery

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