Last Call: Click Here To Learn How Alton Brown Likes His Asparagus!

Twitter: Psych! Alton Brown hates asparagus (see above). UPDATE: We stand corrected — Mr. Brown does not like badly grilled asparagus. (He has dedicated an entire episode to asparagus love, though.)

Fast Company: Which of these United States are the most locavore? The answer: North Dakota! Montana! And not California! This article would make Ron Swanson want to punch a hippie; in celebration or in anger, we’re not sure.

Top Chefs: Chef recruiter David Hall gives ambitious young chefs advice on job-hopping, namely: how long should one stay at their job? His top piece of advice: don’t split after a less than a year. (He also helpfully breaks his counseling down by position, too.)

Time Out Dubai: In an interesting twist on the Female Chef Debate, the magazine interviews female chefs working in the United Arab Emirates’ wealthiest city — but interestingly enough, they never address the fact that 1) these are all foreign-born chefs with mostly foreign staff, and 2) they’re working in an Arabic, male-dominated culture. That would have been a far more interesting article, but there are probably local limitations on what they can publish, and such. On the newest episode of Truckers in the Wild, Max and Eli Sussman go to Los Angeles, where they get to watch a luchador eat a burger through his mask. Luchadores can never be seen without their masks, see, and have to eat their burgers like that. (Or that is how they were taught to eat from an early age, according to luchador lore.)

FOX NY: Sandra Lee, Rosanna Scotto, Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Dylan Lauren, Ty Pennington and Wendy Williams join Sandra Lee’s World’s Largest Bake Sale to raise funds and awareness for the children who suffer from hunger in New York City. So many big names! Maybe they’ll be selling huge cookies with each celeb’s likeness painted in icing. What? Only we want that? Okay, dropping it.

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