Last Call: McDonald’s Budgeting Site Advises Employees To Get Another Job


mcdonalds budget site
Huffington Post: McDonald’s really cares, you guys. That’s why they’ve posted a budgeting tool online to help their employees manage the piles of cash they take home from manning the fryers. The site helpfully illustrates that if you work at McDonald’s, you can’t afford to feed, clothe, or educate yourself unless you also have a second job. And that if your second job pays as shittily as McDonald’s, you’re still spending your keep before considering gas and food. Yay budgeting!

AdWeek: In a genius marketing move, Heineken dared travelers at JFK to swap their plane tickets, and go to whatever destination popped up on an old Price is Right prop, instead. Just putting this out there, but we’d totally swap our unlimited Metro cards for a shot at a trip to Cyprus. Or a single coldish beer. Turns out all those assurances we got about Gulf seafood might’ve been a little preemptive, and oysters are now “showing strain”. Crap.

Grub Street: Remember the Cheerios commercial that got racist people all upset because the gorgeous, cholesterol-conscious family it depicted happened to be an interracial one? Here’s a video of kids reacting to that commercial. Spoiler alert: it’s some of the most poignant social commentary we’ve ever seen.

The Daily Meal: Now we’re gonna take those warm feelings about humanity and crush them with this story about Starbucks employees being sued for discrimination, for allegedly mocking deaf customers and saying they “talk funny”.

Food Republic: Meet Dippy Egg, a completely unnecessary packaged soft-boiled egg, which is actually a raw egg that you boil inside its packaging, thus adding more steps to soft-boiling an egg.

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