WATCH: Christmas in Sweden with Magnus Nilsson, Firefish, and Lucky Peach

Trust us on spending the next nine minutes of your life watching this video. Not only does it prominently feature sassy Lucky Peach Editor-in-Chief Chris Ying and his extremely adorable fiance, but it also costars Magnus Nilsson as the Ghost of Christmas Future.

In it, Ying visits Sweden in wintertime, because he’s obsessed with Christmas, but grew up celebrating it in Southern California, which frankly sounds depressing. We’ve seen palm trees with Christmas lights on them, and damnit, it’s just not right. But Sweden is like “Christmas fantasy camp,” according to Chris, and that means mulled wine and sweating! (That’s what Christmas looks like in snowy parts of the US, too, for the record.)

Feel free to Tweet us @TheBraiser when you get to the firefish part, because WE KNOW. It blew our minds, too.

Lucky Peach & Dark Rye present “Yuletide Yingtime: A Very Swedish Christmas” [Part 1 of 3] from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

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