WATCH: Mario Batali Admires The ‘Tuscan Doughnuts’ In Fabio Viviani’s Back Pockets

That’s daytime talk show code for “Mario Batali was checking out Fabio Viviani’s ass.” Fabz stopped by The Chew today to demo potato doughnuts, in the classic Italian “bombolone” style, and dropped this piece of church on carb-loading marathoners who might be looking for dessert:

“Buy a man a doughnut and he’s going to have an okay doughnut today. But teach him how to make them and he’s going to have great doughnuts for the rest of his life.”

Preach, Vivani. He also chatted about what it was like to be in your underwear, surrounded by a camera crew first thing in the morning with a sound guy trying to hang a mic on the waistband of your aforementioned tighty-whities. (It’s annoying.) But he affirmed, like Richard Blais before him, that Life After Top Chef remained a largely realistic reflection of life. Even when they had to shoot stuff twice. (Shh, Fabio, you aren’t supposed to admit that part.)

Check out the clip below.

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