Mario Batali Is So Hip, He Wrote a Forward For a Fake Brooklyn Cookbook

Let Mario Batali guide you in how to make “Six Hot Dog Weiners.”

Way back before Underfinger was the hoax to fool us all, it was a fake menu for a restaurant called FUDS that got the food media everyone talking. Way back at GoogaMooga 2012 (oh God remember when that was a thing?!), some jokesters handed out fake menus for FUDS, with deliciously silly recipes. Such a hoax led to infamy, which led to a cookbook deal, which will be published this week with a real live forward from Batali. Which obviously makes Batali the coolest.

So giggle along with us while Batali spills such awesome recipes as “Six Hot Dog Weiners,” “Secret Item with a Surprise Bag,” and the “Bill Clinton Sandwich.” (We have to know what is in the Bill Clinton Sandwich!!!!!)

(Sidenote: Batali is really schooling us in the cool factor. What’s he doing hanging with Action Bronson, BTW?)

inside joke w @bambambaklava !!! wheeeeeeeeeee!

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