WATCH: Wayward Fly Dares To Interrupt Martha Stewart’s Dessert Demo

If you thought Martha Stewart would completely lose it à la Walter White over a fly in her cooking space, you underestimate how easy-breezy the (completely terrifying) domestic goddess is. She stopped by The Today Show this morning to demo just how simple it is to create swirl designs in your desserts (and then ridiculed the anchors for doing it wrong — but it only looks hard! It’s really easy, guys!), when an unwanted guest arrived.

We never see the “wayward fly” who invades the set on camera, but Martha cheerfully lets it slide while composing a raspberry jelly and whipped cream roulade. In classic form, the anchors make a way bigger deal of it than she does (“That’s not part of the recipe, I take it,” and “Protein, my friend!” etc.).

In other news, if we could morph into flies, we’d probably land on her chocolate peanut butter swirl tart (which is literally just melted peanut butter and chocolate ganache in a chocolate crust) and gorge ourselves until we drowned.

Check out the clip below. (Did we mention it’s so easy!)

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