WATCH: MasterChef Junior Sneak Peek Is Actually Heartwarming And Ridiculously Impressive

Oh god. Are we going to have to like this show? We really hate ourselves for this. Truly. We apologize. But the MasterChef Junior sizzle reel features some incredibly talented, super sincere, adorably precocious young culinary fans, whom, at the very least, can bake the shit out of a macaron.

Premiering September 27th, MasterChef Junior will pit babychefs aged 8-13 against each other in a format similar to the adult version, with a few kid-friendly twists. For example: Gordon Ramsay won’t be swearing (much), although we’d love to hear some little kids get their kitchen pottymouth on; the wee home cooks will be eliminated in pairs, to “soften the blow”; and Gordon, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot will function as their mentors, instead of being hardcore judgeypants.

We know it sounds sort of demeaning and horrendous, but check out the little buggers in the sizzle reel below. It really might not be so bad! (Although, those stage-parents hovering maniacally in the gallery will surely be The Worst.)

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