WATCH: McDonald’s Brings Bubble Tea To Germany With Racist Ad

Remember when we said that there were more disingenuous, more offensive ways to promote culinary cross-pollination than having chefs cook the food of other cultures? McDonald’s just proved our point, with the introduction of uber-Asian beverage bubble tea to their German franchises via a Chinese man named Chan McTi making “Chinaman” noises.

HuffPost Food reports that 800 McCafes in Germany began serving bubble tea, also known as boba, in multiple flavors and with multiple fruity syrups on June 11th, but that slightly offbeat act itself isn’t the thing that’s raising people’s eyebrows. (Indeed, the owner of BoboQ, a Berlin-based bubble tea company with Taiwanese owners, told the Taiwan Times that they expected their own sales to rise because of McDonald’s “free advertising” and their corporate knockoff of the real thing. “Those who want the authentic drink will come to our shops,”a spokesman shrugged.)

Nope! It’s Chan McTi (get it? Ti? Tea? Ayooooo!), who appears to be a cross between Al Jolson, Ronald McDonald, and this guy from Lost In Translation. Burger Business broke the news of Chan McTi’s existence by noting that he “may cross the border into caricature.” Let us collectively groan when the obviously Chinese guy uses a Japanese term to describe bubble tea.

Tell us, readers, is this racist?

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