WATCH: Ming Tsai And Cris Comeford Asian Up The USDA’s Nutrition Recommendations

Contrary to popular belief, Asians can get obese, too! (Seriously, it’s a huge problem in China. Also, Eddie Huang’s coffin baos are essentially doughnuts stuffed with fried chicken. And now we’re obese. Damn you, Eddie.) But this is why Ming Tsai teamed up with White House executive chef Cris Comeford to promote Asian cuisine as a key part of Let’s Move!’s recent nutrition campaign.

Hewing to the MyPlate dietary recommendations made by the USDA, Tsai and Comeford make two super healthy dishes from Comeford’s home kitchen below: Shrimp, Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice, and the Filipino dish halo-halo. “The key here is you don’t have to sacrifice flavor, you don’t have to sacrifice your culture to make food that’s still actually good for you,” says Tsai. Uh, tell that to deep-fried lumpia egg rolls. Seriously, we refuse to listen to your so-called “dietary recommendations” until you both work that into First Lady-approved dishes.

Asian cooking jokes abound below:

[h/t Obama Foodorama]

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