Nigella Lawson Won’t Be Prosecuted for Smoking Marijuana

After Nigella Lawson admitted occasional drug use during her testimony in the trial against her former personal assistants, British authorities announced that they would not pursue charges against the television chef, citing concerns that doing so could possibly “deter [potential] victims from being candid with police and in court for fear of future investigation.”

The allegations of her drug use surfaced (in a hyper-blown-up fashion) when Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo, accused by Charles Saatchi and Lawson of stealing nearly $800,000 from them via credit card fraud, claimed that Lawson hadn’t just occasionally smoked marijuana and did cocaine, but that she did all of the drugs, all of the time, every single day of her life for ten years.

While that claim was eventually revealed as a totally exaggerated charge (and probably a ploy by ex-husband and noted douchebag Charles Saatchi to “destroy her”), Scotland Yard announced that they would investigate Lawson’s admissions during her testimony, but according to the Guardian, the police force dropped their investigation for some pretty legitimate reasons:

“There are serious public interest concerns about the message any prosecution would send out to potential witnesses and victims in the future. Whilst witnesses clearly cannot simply admit to any offence under oath without consequences, this has to be balanced with the requirement for victims and witnesses to tell the truth.

Glad that’s over with. Let’s leave the woman in peace and just focus on The Taste’s #TeamHotMess for a while, shall we?

[The Guardian]


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