Tonight in Food TV: Anthony Bourdain Battles Dead Fish, Himself in Parts Unknown

Erm, OK. When you’re bumming out that your time in freaking Sicily, in motherfucking Italy, isn’t all you hoped it would be, the total jerk in us is like GET OVER IT YOU’RE IN ITALY YOUR LIFE IS STILL BETTER THAN 99.8 PERCENT OF THE WORLD.

Okay, maybe we’re being harsh. But if you read Anthony Bourdain’s Tumblr posts about filming Parts Unknown, he’s a bit heartbroken about his adventures in Sicily. Apparently, Bourdain just can’t get Sicily right.

Wanting nothing more complicated than a bowl of pasta, a crust of bread, a view—on an island loaded with all those things, I seem always to end up on a pitching boat, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, with some well intentioned local throwing dead seafood in my general direction.

Okay… that makes slightly more sense. Frankly, if we were taking a little deep dive adventure in the waters of Sicily and someone was throwing DEAD FISH AT YOUR HEAD, you’d be a little emotionally distraught too. But at least it was well-intentioned?

At least he admits he’s still got it good.

Of all the places in the world, with all the difficult places I’ve been, it would seem that Sicily would be easy to get “right.”

It wasn’t.

It’s a good show, well made. But a personal failure. Like a girl you love but just can’t find a way to tell her.

The fault is my own—for what kind of idiot could EVER be miserable in Sicily?


Shake it off with some prosciutto and wine. Those are always the key to happiness.



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