Restaurant With Fishy Yelp Reviews Busted With 80 Pounds Of Pot In The Back

Owners of the Farmer’s Daughter restaurant in Sacramento were arrested after police found them running an illegal medical marijuana dispensary from the back rooms. Police confiscated over 80 pounds of weed as well as a plethora of drug-laced food products, which included cookie dough, lollipops and and ice cream.

The health department is currently looking into the case to decide whether or not to allow the restaurant to reopen. The back-room operation, obviously, will be forced to close.

Hilariously enough, a few pre-raid Yelp reviews seem to hint at something fishy. One reviewer noted that one of the waiters apologized for a wait by claiming the place was “swamped”, even though there was only one other customer there. Another asked about the cameras and the amount of people going through the back door, and wondered if the restaurant was “a front for some other type of operations running behind closed doors?”

So, for future reference, if the restaurant you’re munching at is empty during the lunch rush (even though waiters claim to be swamped), the walls are covered in security cameras, and people are constantly disappearing into a back room, it is most likely a front for something more fun and illegal than a boring food joint. It’s probably best to finish your meal, avoid any baked goods and leave. We’ll stop our punning now. You know, before the cops show up. Fair warning, Roberta’s.


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