WATCH: Sarabeth Levine’s Early Marmalade Batches Were Stirred With A Golf Club

Need some calming Jewish maternal energy on this Mother’s Day Eve? Us, too. Enter: Sarabeth Levine; she of Sarabeth’s fame; jam, pastry, and brunch goddess extraordinaire. She stopped by CBS This Morning to chat with The Dish about her seminal brunch empire.

Largely credited with bringing the brunch craze to New York (sorry, chefs; we know brunch is the bane of your existence), Sarabeth admitted that in the early, early days, when they were first jarring marmalade commercially, she and her team had nothing but a candy stove and a 9 iron golf club to stir the enormous batches.

ProTip: Your Mother’s Day probably shouldn’t involve 9 irons with breakfast. Check out the clip below.

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