Thug Kitchen Will Now Be A F***ing Hardbound Cookbook

Auguste Escoffier. Irma S. Rombauer. Julia Child. Thug Kitchen.

Last week, the vegan gangsta creators of the popular online blog announced they’d signed a deal to turn their sweet lyricism into a real, hardcover book. Or, in their words:

THE THUG KITCHEN COOKBOOK IS OFFICIALLY FUCKING HAPPENING. There will be a shitload of new recipes and photos that we’re cooking up just for the book. Rodale will be handling the U.S. publishing and House of Anansi is covering Canada. Right now we’re talking to the UK, so trust that the book will be across the goddamn globe.

The blog, so popular that Gwyneth Paltrow name-dropped it on TV, frequently destroys the peace-and-hugs image surrounding veganism by advocating for extreme violence against vegetables. Here’s how to serve buffalo falafel: “You can serve these spicy bastards in pita bread, on top of a salad, or howeverthefuck you want. I recommend some celery sticks to cool your ass down. Or fuck it. Go hard. Breathe fire. Frighten the villagers.”

Speculation: wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony if Gwyneth Paltrow was the mind behind Thug Kitchen, and she just needed a place to let her Compton-born alter ego spread its graffiti’d kale wings?

Anyways, when does the book come out again, Thug Kitchen? “FALL 2014 – EXPECT THAT SHIT.” Oh right, thanks.


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