Top Chef Masters Battle Of The Sous Chefs Episode 1: Sous React


Remember how we just revealed the lineup for Top Chef Masters: Season 5 this morning? And remember how Bravo also announced that it would run another online cooking competition, “Battle of the Sous Chefs,” along with this season? Remember being slightly confused as to how this all breaks down?

Relieve your confusion, dear watcher, for Bravo just released the first episode of Battle of the Sous Chefs, hosted by Hugh Acheson. The rules are simple: the sous chefs have to compete in their own side competition as their bosses swear at each other and jump out of airplanes. The winning sous gives their boss immunity, while the three sous on the bottom give their bosses “extra hurdles” during elimination challenges. What are those hurdles? We’re not gonna know until the series premieres on July 24th at 10 PM EST.

And trust us, the chefs and their sous are just as shocked as we are about this new twist. Check out their surprised faces below (as well as Sang Yoon’s “I will end you” expression), as well as the full list of chefs, their sous, and their charities after the video:

FRANKLIN BECKER – Executive Chef: The Little Beet, New York, NY; Competing for Autism Speaks – Sous Chef: Vinson Petrillo

DAVID BURKE – Executive Chef & Owner, David Burke Townhouse, Burke in the Box, David Burke Fishtail, David Burke Fromagerie, David Burke Prime, David Burke’s Primehouse and David Burke’s Kitchen, New York, NY; Competing for Table to Table – Sous Chef: Chris Shea

LYNN CRAWFORD – Chef-Owner: Ruby Watchco and Ruby Eats, Toronto, Canada: Competing for Sunnybrook Foundation – Sous Chef: Lora Kirk

ODETTE FADA – Executive Chef, San Domenico, New York, NY; Competing for Doctors Without Borders – Sous Chef: Benedetto Bartolotta

NEAL FRASER  – Owner, BLD, Fritzi Dog, The Strand House, Neal Fraser & Co. at Vibiana, Redbird at Vibiana, Los Angeles, CA; Competing for Alex’s Lemonade Stand – Sous Chef: Jason Bowlin

JENNIFER JASINSKI – Executive Chef and Owner, Rioja, Bistro Vendôme, Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen, Denver, CO; Competing forWork Options for Women – Sous Chef: Jorel Pierce

DOUGLAS KEANE – Former Chef of the 2 Michelin Starred Cyrus, Sonoma County, CA; Competing forGreen Dog Rescue – Sous Chef: Drew Gassell

JENN LOUIS – Executive Chef and Co-Owner: Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern, Portland, OR; Competing for City of Hope – Sous Chef: Cory Chunn

RICHARD SANDOVAL – Chef-Owner Richard Sandoval Restaurants, Los Angeles, CA; Competing for C-Cap – Careers Through Culinary Arts Program – Sous Chef: Greg Howe

BRYAN VOLTAGGIO  – Executive Chef | Owner, VOLT, Lunchbox, Family Meal and RANGE, Frederick, MD; Competing forShare Our Strength – Sous Chef: Graeme Ritchie

HERBERT WILSON – Executive Chef: Sushi Samba, Las Vegas, NV; Competing for American Heart Association – Sous Chef: Robert Silva

SANG YOON – Executive chef and owner: Father’s Office and Lukshon Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA; Competing for Worldwide Orphans Foundation – Sous Chef: Ted Hopson

SUE ZEMANICK – Executive Chef: Gautreau’s, New Orleans, NO; Competing for Gulf Restoration Network – Sous Chef: Nick Lama

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