9/11 First Responder in Hospice Makes Heartwrenching Plea for Funds: Congress, ‘Do the Right Thing’


The retired NYPD detective who gave a heartwrenching testimony before Congress last week for the 9/11 Fund appeared on Shepard Smith Reporting Thursday to make one more plea for Congress to renew the bill.

Authorities assured Luis Alvarez and many other first responders that the air surrounding the debris of 9/11 while they dug through piles for victims had been safe, but we now know that air was filled with toxic dust.

Eighteen years after the attacks and 68 rounds of chemo later, doctors told Alvarez there is nothing else they can do for his stage 4 cancer, and he is now in hospice care.

“We did the right thing when we went down there. Now it’s the government’s turn to do the right thing by us,” Alvarez said Thursday on Fox News.

The retired detective told Shepard Smith that he was comfortable and at peace, and not in a lot of pain. He assured Smith that he had no regrets.

“9/11 happened. We got called down. It’s my job as an NYPD detective to respond to emergencies,” said Alvarez. “I’m nobody special. I did what all the other guys did. Now we’re paying the price for it.”

Alvarez said there are others who will get sick as he did, despite not showing symptoms for years after 9/11.

“My son, David, he was 11 years old on 9-11. He’s 29 years old now. I’m leaving him without a father. I have two other sons, Tyler and Ben, who are 19 and 14. I’m leaving them without a father. There’s plenty like me. Like I said, I’m not special.

“There’s going to be more and more and more responders getting sick. I just want them to know that just because you’re not sick now doesn’t mean you’re not going to get sick. You need to be covered. I’m lucky to have the healthcare that I got. A lot of guys don’t have it,” said Alvarez.

Alvarez added, “You know, we served our city, our state, our country. Should be compensated for it. Not compensated in the sense that, you know, we want to be rich. We just want the money to be there for our families so that God forbid that they do get sick, they’re covered.”

Alvarez asked Congress to let first responders sick from their 9/11 service know they’re not alone, that “the government is here to back them up, to give them the support their need, the financial support that they’re going to need when they get sick. It’s just a matter of time. You know, it’s just a matter of time before we get sick.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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