‘A Dangerous Road’: Chris Wallace Warns that Trump, Schiff, and Biden Could All Have to Testify in Senate Trial


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace warned Republicans they could be walking into a trap if they insist on calling their wish list of impeachment trial witnesses like Hunter Biden, because that would open the door for Democrats to secure potentially damaging testimony from the likes of John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, and even President Donald Trump.

On Friday morning’s edition of America’s Newsroom, anchor Sandra Smith asked Wallace to weigh in on the week of damaging impeachment testimony. Wallace delivered a mostly-neutral assessment of “both sides” of the issue, although he did remark that the witnesses had “certainly” proven a link between security assistance and a White House meeting, if not the investigations.

But then Wallace volunteered a warning to Republicans about calling in as laundry list of witnesses at a Senate trial.

“About the idea of a fulsome Senate trial,” Wallace said, “the Republicans would get the opportunity to call people like Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff, and the whistleblower. All of that is true.”

“On the other hand, the Democrats would then get to call people who have not testified, have refused to testify, like [Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo, [Trump Chief of Staff] Mick Mulvaney, [Former National Security Advisor] John Bolton, and even potentially the president of the United States.”

“So that’s a dangerous road for both sides,” Wallace added, and recalled how Republicans eventually decided not to call Monica Lewinsky, or any other witnesses, in the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

“In the end the Republican and Senate leader decided this is kind of mutually assured destruction, we could both be in trouble here, and they didn’t call any witnesses,” Wallace said.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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