A Trump Task Force Unit Must Now Work at Home After Partner Tests Positive For Coronavirus 


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

One of President Donald Trump’s key task forces must now work from home after a “partner” of the unit tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to NBC News, the group was responsible for “getting, shipping and distributing goods to fight the spread of the coronavirus,” and were located in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) complex, but all members must now vacate their war room.

FEMA officials sent an email to staff members on Monday night, which stated, “Until further notice, all personnel in the Supply Chain Resilience task force” and “the FEMA Conference Center are required to telework.”

The Conference Center is a war room located in the FEMA complex where Admiral John Polowczyk’s supply chain unit worked.

Before the email was sent, all task force members had been working together in the same conference center.

“All areas visited by Task Force members were disinfected prior to their visits,” a FEMA spokesperson told NBC News. “FEMA will facilitate cleaning to ensure that the potentially affected workspace meets federal health and safety standards.”

According to the spokesperson, this group was “not the first task force” to get a stay-at-home order, adding, “we’ve had numerous people test positive … sometimes they’re telling us, sometimes they’re not.”

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