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CNBC’s Jim Cramer Gives the Green Light to Panicked Investors: ‘How Can You Not Start Buying?’

CNBC’s Jim Cramer gave the green light on Squawk Box Friday morning, encouraging investors to take advantage of the markets, in light of falling stock prices due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Well look, I think we are in a recession — we are a service economy, two-thirds of the economy … and I do not know, I’m not seeing a lot of people seeing, doing things apart of the service economy,” Cramer said, speaking to the recent downturn of the markets due in large part to the coronavirus sweeping the country.

Cramer then stated that due to growing fears of the Covid-19, certain stocks have gone so low that he sees buying opportunities. The host of CNBC’s Mad Money further pointed to Disney, as an example, adding that he had been awaiting news of the park’s closing.

“I think Disney is a buy today. There’s always people who don’t know about these things and they say, ‘Holy cow, they closed the parks.’ And they sell the stocks even though it might be a terrific buying opportunity,” Cramer stated.

Cramer moved to push potential buyers off the ledge, stating this is the moment many investors have been waiting for to invest.

“There’s trillions of dollars on the sideline, waiting and waiting and waiting, they’ve got what they’ve been waiting for,” Cramer continued.

Cramer then asked viewers, “How can you not start buying here unless you just are so fearful?”

The Dow, as of this writing, is up more than 200 points.

Watch above, via CNBC.

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