Controversial ‘Georgia Guidestones’ Monument Torn Down After Being Bombed


Authorities are investigating the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones after an explosion at the site of the controversial monument led to it’s subsequent demolition for safety reasons.

On Wednesday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) announced they were looking into the early morning detonation of an explosive device at the Guidestones, which left one of its 4 pillars in ruins. The GBI released surveillance footage from the Elberton area showing the monument’s bombing, plus video of a silver sedan leaving the site shortly after.

The Guidestones were a subject of intrigue and controversy since they were built in 1980 after being commissioned by an unknown party. The monument was known to be a sundial and astronomical calendar, but the pillars also bore a 10-part message in several different languages with proposals for building a society in accordance with an “Age of Reason”

Some have referred to the Guidestones as “America’s Stonehenge,” heeding that the monument called for the conservation of mankind, international cooperation, and a society existing in harmony with nature. However, the monument has also been a magnet for controversy over the years, with right-wing figures condemning the Guidestones as a “Satanic” call for population control, globalism and a new world order.

Critics vandalized the Guidestones repeatedly to condemn its message in previous years before the bombing.

Watch above, via CNN.

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