DJ Diplo Name Drops Celebs Who Slogged Through Mud To Leave Burning Man On Foot


DJ Diplo, a.k.a. Thomas Wesley Pentz, dropped the names of other celebrities who slogged through the mud with him and Chris Rock to escape the Burning Man debacle in the Nevada desert.

CNN’s Nick Watt called the group “a little clique of celebrities” who managed to walk their way to safety.

“There is an ethos of self-reliance around this festival, and a lot of people did bring in everything they needed to survive for a few days they were planning to be there, and a little bit extra,” Watt said. “But we have heard some people were not so well-prepared, and it got pretty terrible for people. Their camps were washed away, it’s the desert, it gets cold at night. And then, of course…there were some people who walked out, including a little clique of celebrities, including Chris Rock.”

DJ Diplo then recounted the scene:

“[Rock] had his New York Knicks jacket on and he just got up with us and started walking. And we walked about three hours in the mud. He was happy. It was me, I think Cindy Crawford walked with us. Kaia Gerber, Austin Butler, Randy Gerber, a writer, a couple of producers from TV, a couple of people who just wanted to get home to their children. They didn’t take no for an answer.

Crawford is married to Randy Gerber; Kaia is their daughter who is dating Elvis star Austin Butler.

Watt continued, “So those walkers managed to get to an actual road out of the mud after a few hours, and a guy in a passing pickup truck apparently recognized DJ Diplo and gave them a ride, and eventually they all made it to Reno.”

Watt said everyone was hoping for a “mass exodus” Monday of the 70,000 people still waiting for the mud to dry out.

“But some people are going to stick it out a little bit longer because they plan to burn the man tonight. So there are people who want to stay there until the end, and you know, they’ll just be praying for no more rain. And there is no more rain in the forecast,” Watt said.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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