Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich Calls Out Nikki Haley At Briefing — Asks For Biden’s ‘Correct Position’ On Abortion


Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich called out former SC Governor and current GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley for misstating President Joe Biden’s position on abortion, asking White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to give Biden’s “correct position.”

At a CNN Town Hall Sunday night, Haley dodged a question about whether she would sign a six-week abortion ban by falsely claiming that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris support “abortion up until the time of birth.”

At Friday’s press briefing, Heinrich called out the town hall exchange by asking Jean-Pierre to detail Biden’s “correct” position on abortion — which is to codify the viability standard in the Roe v. Wade decision:

JACQUI HEINRICH: Thanks, Karine. Nikki Haley, also last night, refused to answer a question about whether she would sign a bill for a six-week abortion ban if it came to her desk, saying that the administration has not yet outlined their position on whether they would sign bills allowing abortions at 37, 38, 39 weeks.

Could you give us the sort of correct — correct position of the administration in terms of what kind, if any — kinds of restrictions on abortion the administration supports?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: So I didn’t watch this — this town hall, so I can’t really speak to exactly what she said. What I can speak to, what the President has said, which is that he will continue to call on Congress to restore Roe v. Wade.

And so if you know the particulars of Roe v. — v. Wade, you’ll see where the President stands, so I’ll just leave it there for now.

The president was asked about abortion restrictions by EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen in October:

OWEN JENSEN: Should there be any restrictions on abortion at all?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Yes. There should be.

OWEN JENSEN: What should they be?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: It’s Roe v. Wade. Read it, man. You’ll get educated.

Biden was referring to the standard of “viability” that Roe imposed, generally understood to be around 22 to 24 weeks, but which can also vary depending upon how the time of pregnancy is calculated.

Watch above via The White House.

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