Good News: Massachusetts State Trooper Rescues Eight Ducklings Trapped in Drain

Massachusetts State Trooper Jim Maloney rescued eight ducklings trapped in a storm drain and reunited them with their mother this weekend.

“The ducklings’ mother and one of their siblings – the only baby who had not fallen through the grate – were standing off at a short distance, because Momma would not leave her trapped babies,” Massachusetts State Police said in a statement.

Maloney was on patrol at Massachusetts’ Nahant Beach when he spotted the ducklings stuck inside the storm drain.  He called the Department of Conservation and Recreation, which runs the beach, and asked for someone to bring a crowbar so they could pry the gate open.

The ducklings were eventually fished out of the drain and placed in a cardboard box inside Maloney’s heated cruiser while they waited for the mother duck to return.

“The mother immediately went to them, and together she and her nine babies — the family fully reunited — walked back into the grass,” added the statement. “A small act amid the enormity of the ongoing health crisis, perhaps, but for one mother duck and her tiny babies, it made all the difference in the world.”

The Massachusetts State Police also took to Twitter to share adorable pictures from the “duck rescue:”

Watch the rescue above, via ABC News.

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