comScore Hannity Calls NY Times Writer ‘Ignorant’ and ‘Lazy’ For Op-Ed Hitting Fox News Coverage

Hannity Fires Back at NY Times Writer Blaming Fox News For Misleading Her Mother: ‘Ignorant, Lazy’

Fox News prime time host Sean Hannity fired back Tuesday evening at New York Times contributing opinion writer Kara Swisher over an op-ed claiming her mother had been misinformed by Fox’s coverage of the coronavirus.

The opinion piece from Swisher — which kicks off by addressing the Fox News host, “You can relax, Sean Hannity, I’m not going to sue you” — blames the network for convincing her mother that the threat of coronavirus is “overblown by the mainstream news media.”

But she was not concerned — and it was clear why. Her primary source of news is Fox. In those days she was telling me that the Covid-19 threat was overblown by the mainstream news media (note, her daughter is in the media). She told me that it wasn’t going to be that big a deal. She told me that it was just like the flu.

And, she added, it was more likely that the Democrats were using the virus to score political points. And, did I know, by the way, that Joe Biden was addled?

Thankfully, Mom had not gone as far as claiming the coronavirus is a plot to hurt President Trump — a theory pushed by some at Fox News heavily at first. While she has been alternately appalled and amused by the president, and often takes his side, she is not enough of a superfan to think that he is any kind of victim here.

Hannity fired back at Swisher with a series of tweets, one calling the writer “ignorant, lazy and a total hypocrite,” others criticizing the coverage of the Times.

Swisher responded to the tweets with some wit and a few memes, joking that she now knows why her mother likes Fox News anchor Bret Baier.

The opinion writer reiterated that she has no plan to sue Hannity.

Hannity last week took aim at the New York Times’ new media columnist, Ben Smith, after he published a piece calling out Fox’s misleading coronavirus coverage.

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