Joe Biden Says He Can Win Florida Because ‘They’ve Had A Good Dose’ Of Trump By Now


Former Vice President Joe Biden said that although Democrats came up short with Floridians in 2016 and 2018, he believes he can win the Sunshine State in November because “It’s 2020. And they’ve had a good dose of” President Donald Trump.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee sat for an extensive interview this week with CBS4 Miami’s Jim DeFede, who asked Biden what would be different now.

“How do you win Florida?” DeFede asked, then added “You’re in a situation where Hillary Clinton lost the state, the governor is a Republican, Bill Nelson couldn’t even win the state in 2018. How do you win it in 2020?”

“It’s 2020, and they’ve had a good dose of the president of the United States of America,” Biden said. “Now again, it’s early early on, the polling data shows it a toss-up. Either me ahead or him slightly ahead, but it’s a long way to go.”

The last five polls of Florida have all shown Biden leading Trump, by as much as six percentage points and as little as .8 percent. Previous polls have shown Trump up by as much as eight points.

“It’s about telling the truth,” Biden continued. “It’s about letting people know what you’re going to do to make their lives better. It’s about making sure that everything doesn’t just go to the very wealthy in this country, it’s about making sure that people have access to real education, it’s about making sure that you can afford college, it’s about making sure that we build the middle class back up and also deal with what everybody in Florida knows is a problem, global warming.”

Biden compared Trump’s inaction on climate change with his response to the coronavirus crisis, telling DeFede that “All the way through this process, the president has refused to take responsibility on what needs to be done, he takes no accountability, and he makes nothing but excuses, and he’s not been telling the American people the truth about the crisis, about this whole dilemma we find ourselves in, and he hasn’t acted as a commander in chief as he’s supposed to.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Biden revealed he hasn’t been tested for Covid-19, and said he would resume the Obama administration’s efforts at engagement with Cuba.

Watch the full interview above via CBS4 Miami.

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