JUST IN: DOD IG Report Accuses GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson of Toxic Leadership, Drinking on Duty, and Sexual Misconduct While White House Physician


Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson perpetrated a toxic workplace environment, drank alcohol and took prescription drugs on duty, and engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct while serving as White House physician.

CNN obtained an exclusive early look at a soon-to-be-released Department of Defense Inspector General review of Jackson’s conduct while serving both Presdients Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Jackson was briefly tapped to be Trump’s VA Secretary in 2018, but his nomination quickly flamed out and he returned to the White House amid claims about his misconduct. Notably, some of the same details that leaked out during the vetting of Jackson to head the VA two years ago appear in the IG’s new report.

Jackson left the military shortly after his failed VA bid and ran for Congress as a Republican in 2020, winning a seat in Texas’ 13th district this past November.

In a Tuesday night appearance on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, chief Congressional correspondent Manu Raju went into more detail about the story.

“This is a very serious report,” Raju said of the Pentagon watchdog’s findings. “Seventy-eight witnesses came forward and talked about their experience with Ronny Jackson as he was the top doctor at both the Trump White House and at the Obama White House. And the conclusions are very striking and scathing, indeed.”

“Among the things that they conclude here is that he did make sexual and denigrating comments about one of his female subordinates to another subordinate,” Raju explained. “He drank alcohol with subordinates in violation of the White House policy. He took Ambien, prescription-strength sleeping medication, also in violation of White House policy, while he was taking care of the president. And at the same time, concerns about creating a toxic workplace environment.”

Jackson dismissed the DOD’s accusations as a political hit job and told CNN that they were a vindictive attack on him for refusing to “turn my back on President Trump.” While Trump’s White House doctor, Jackson became notorious — and was brutally mocked — for his surreal, over-the-top assessments of the obviously overweight Trump’s health, at one point praising the president’s “great genes” and joking in a press conference that Trump might live to be 200.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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