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JUST IN: House Overwhelmingly Passes Coronavirus Response Bill

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Democrats’ coronavirus response bill by a 363 – 40 margin on early Saturday morning, setting up its speedy passage through the Senate and signing by President Donald Trump early next week.

The suspension bill, which needed a two-thirds majority to pass, gained Trump’s key endorsement on Friday evening, ensuring its passage despite objections from 40 House Republicans, who voted against it. The primary aid suggestion floated by the White Hosue, a payroll tax holiday through December 2020, was not part of the bill.

Instead, this legislation, negotiated between Democratic leaders, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and White House Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, includes key measures to speed the medical campaign against the pandemic — among them free COVID-19 testing for all Americans — and to alleviate the economic impact upon the country’s workers — including new paid sick and family leave benefits as well as expanded unemployment insurance, food security, and Medicaid — due to the widespread, public health-directed shutdowns.

Watch video above, via C-SPAN.


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