Kellyanne Conway Ominously Warns Laura Ingraham of Potential ‘Shallow State’ Gov’t Conspiracy to Block Trump’s Agenda


Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway warned Fox News host Laura Ingraham that a widespread “shallow state” government conspiracy could be secretly aligned against President Donald Trump, pushing for his impeachment and blocking his policy agenda.

During Ingraham’s Wednesday night show, she posed a question to Conway about Trump’s ongoing Senate trial for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Without citing any specific names, Ingraham said she’d heard from numerous sources online that the president still seemed to be at risk of being undermined by a vast network of secretly disloyal career officials and White House staffers.

“Kellyanne, a lot of folks are reaching out on Twitter to me, as we’ve been covering the real legal aspects of this case from the beginning, say ‘Why is it the White House seems to have people burrowed in as details from other departments or CIA, who are working perhaps right now against the president’s agenda in foreign policy, domestic policy?'” Ingraham asked. “Is that not a continuing Achilles’ heel for this administration if they are still in the White House today?”

Numerous White House and administration officials who testified in the House impeachment inquiry that Trump engaged in misconduct in Ukraine remain in their official positions. For example, US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, continues to hold his diplomatic job, even though he asserted under oath that “everyone was in the loop” and he implicated Trump in the quid pro quo of withholding of military aid in an attempt to pressure Ukrainian officials into investigating potential 2020 rival Joe Biden,

At first, Conway appeared to dodge the premise of Ingraham’s question, giving a vague answer.

“Well, it would be if that is true and even not just at the White House but throughout the administration,” Conway said. “I think people talk about the deep state, I talk about the shallow state. It doesn’t have to be that that deep or be here that long, if you are working at cross purposes to the president’s agenda.”

“So are you confident that there are not people…” Ingraham began to ask moments later, following up to confirm whether or not Conway believed there exists a widespread fifth column of anti-Trump resistance with the government.

“I’m not confident. No, I’m not confident,” Conway now said forcefully. “I’ve expressed that many times to many people. I’m not confident about that.”

“I am confident about one thing. MAGA world has a point when they say there’s so many of us who would love to serve in this administration and never got a chance,” Conway added, without trying to untangle how the president would not be the one to blame for choosing staff and personnel who are supposedly insufficient loyal to his agenda. Sondland, to cite the same example, was appointed to his prestigious ambassador position in Europe only after making a $1 million contribution to the president’s inaugural committee.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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