Meghan McCain Quickly Deletes Hot Take Comparing Reddit Gamestop Buyers with Capitol Rioters


meghan mccain on the view

The View co-host Meghan McCain quickly deleted a post in which she compared Reddit users who roiled the stock market by purchasing GameStop stock with rioters who carried out a deadly insurrection a few weeks ago.

On Friday, just before noon, McCain wrote on Twitter that “The same thing that drove people to the Capitol is driving Redditors to buy GameStop. The system feels rigged. And the little guy is trying to take back power in any way.”

The post quickly racked up replies and quote-tweets along these lines: “One side beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher, Meghan. Sort of feel like if anyone on the left made this comparison you’d be furious.”

Within minutes, McCain deleted the post and replaced it with one that was similarly-themed, but less inflammatory and insurrection-mention-ey.

“The GameStop stock story is like a mirror to the world of everything that is wrong. This is what happens when the system feels rigged and nothing seems to work anymore. It’s what has fueled the rise of populism in America. The story shouldn’t be dismissed because it is nuanced,” McCain wrote.

Twitter still has not announced plans to add an “edit” button.

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