MSNBC’s Glenn Kirschner Says Pence Has ‘Most Sharply Incriminating Evidence Against Trump’ In Jan 6 Case


Former federal prosecutor and current MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner told Jonathan Capehart that former VP Mike Pence’s testimony could be the “most sharply incriminating evidence” against ex-President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Pence testified for more than five hours before the Special Counsel Jack Smith-led Justice Department probe into Trump’s conduct surrounding the January 6 insurrection and the 2020 election.

On Saturday morning’s edition of The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart, Capehart asked Kirschner what he thinks Pence gave the grand jury, and Kirschner said it was likely a lot:

JONATHAN CAPEHART: Let’s start with the former vice president. What kind of questions do you think Pence was asked?

GLENN KIRSCHNER: So Pence, you know, was asked to testify about every statement Donald Trump made in the run up to January 6th. So Jack Smith would have evidence to prove the illegal pressure campaign Donald Trump was waging against Mike Pence, urging him to break the law. Let’s call it what it is. Violate the Electoral Count Act, refuse to certify Joe Biden’s win. So at least we’ll have some more time to play this out. You know, put these criminal wheels in motion and we’ll try to find a way to keep me, Donald Trump, installed in the presidency unconstitutionally. I think Mike Pence is likely to have some of the most sharply incriminating evidence against Donald Trump.

JONATHAN CAPEHART: What role does his real quickly, what role does his book play, Mike Pence’s book play in whatever testimony he gave?

GLENN KIRSCHNER: Great question. So that book is hearsay. Prosecutors can’t walk in and introduce that book into evidence to prove anything that Mike Pence put in that book. Once Mike Pence testifies before the grand jury, in a very real sense, you know what prosecutors do? We slap a grand jury exhibit sticker on the book. We say, Mr. Vice President, are you willing to adopt the contents of the book as part of your sworn testimony today? Yes, I am. We just converted everything in that book into admissible evidence at trial.

JONATHAN CAPEHART: Oh. Oh, that’s deep! I didn’t realize that.

Watch above via The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart.

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