Peter Navarro Says Ukraine is ‘Not Really a Country’ as Russian Troops Amass on its Border


Former Trump White House trade advisor Peter Navarro argued that Ukraine is “not really a country” while discussing tensions in the sovereign nation which is currently staring down the barrel of a buildup of Russian forces.

Navarro appeared on Eric Bolling The Balance on Newsmax TV Thursday where he and the host discussed the tense situation plaguing the former Soviet satellite republic. CBS News reported an estimated 100,000 Russian troops have amassed along the country’s eastern border.

While signs of potential Russian aggression have world leaders concerned, Navarro chuckled as he called into question rhetoric from this side of the Atlantic about a preemptive intervention.

According to Navarro, Russia’s actions are intended to test the resolve of leaders in the U.S.

“A couple of things to say here, first of all: we never would be having this conversation if Trump was in the White House,” said Navarro, “because, basically peace through strength was a doctrine that was working with Russia, with North Korea, with China with Iran and everything else. Right now, every dictator around the world is going to test [President] Joe Biden, whether it’s [Russian President Vladimir] Putin or whether it’s Xi Jinping.”

He then called into question Ukraine’s national identity.

“With respect to the issue of Ukraine, I think a little history at least is useful. The Soviet Union back before Russia when it broke up contained all of Ukraine including Crimea. The country itself is not really a country because if you look at it, the western part of it, like it’s literally split in half, those are all Russian speakers,” Navarro said.

Navarro corrected himself, at least on the language issue. “Excuse me, the eastern part is all Russian speakers. The western part are all Ukrainian speakers. And it’s a country kind of–that’s been kind of at war with itself with their election system.”

It isn’t clear if the Russian military at the moment has the logistical framework to sustain a prolonged military invasion. But it is believed that such an aggressive action could become more viable within a matter of weeks.

Watch above, via Newsmax.

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