Pro-Trump Capitol Rioter Allegedly Threatened to Shoot Family If They Reported Him: ‘Traitors Get Shot’


The FBI has initiated a criminal complaint against a Texas man who allegedly threatened to harm his children if they turned him in for participating in the pro-Donald Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol Building.

The bureau filed an affidavit on Monday calling for Guy Reffitt to be arrested on charges of obstruction of justice and unlawful entry into a restricted area. Reffitt is identified by the FBI as a member of an extremist militia, Texas Freedom Force, and The Daily Beast reports that he is involved in another group that lobbies to protect Confederate symbols.

The affidavit IDs Reffitt from footage Reuters obtained of the riot, and it appears to show him on the Capitol’s terraces as he used a water bottle to flush pepper spray out of his eyes. The document says authorities obtained a search warrant for Reffitt’s residence and arrested him on Saturday.

Reffitt’s family was present during the arrest, and his son told FBI agents that his father bragged about bringing his gun with him to Washington and taking part in the insurrection. Reffitt’s son added that his father recorded the day’s events on the Go Pro camera attached to his helmet, but days later, Reffitt allegedly said he had to “erase everything” because the FBI was watching him.

From the affidavit:

REFFITT further told Son that if Son crossed the line and reported REFFITT to the police, putting the family in jeopardy, REFFITT would have no option but to do REFFITT’s duty for REFFITT’s country, and “do what he had to do.” Son asked REFFIT words to the effect of, “Are you threatening us?” REFFITT responded with words to the effect of, “Don’t put words in my mouth.” Son understood REFFITT’s statements to be a threat to Son’s life.

Reffitt’s son gave further accounts of his father’s threatening behavior, saying that he, his sister, and Reffitt’s wife were “disturbed” by his statements. Reffitt’s wife also provided an alarming account of what her husband threatened to do if anyone in the family acted against him.

Spouse provided the following information: On January 11, 2021, Son and Daughter stated to Spouse that, during an argument at the house earlier that day, when Spouse was not at home, REFFITT stated to Son and Daughter words to the effect of: “If you turn me in, you’re a traitor and you know what happens to traitors…traitors get shot.” Son and Daughter were very upset.

Watch above, via Reuters.

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