QAnon Still Waiting for JFK Jr.’s Return in Dallas on Anniversary of Assassination, as Cult Takes Scary Turn


Almost three full weeks since their first gathering in Dallas, QAnon followers who still believe John F. Kennedy Jr. will return to help reinstall Donald Trump as president are back. They have reemerged, as have concerning new details about their cult-like beliefs, on the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dealey Plaza near to the infamous grassy knoll where many believe the shots that killed Kennedy originated from.

The Daily Beast explained in 2018 how this seriously out-there conspiracy theory got started in the first place:

The anonymous poster, who was soon dubbed “Ranon,” posited that Kennedy hadn’t actually died in a plane crash off the coast of Massachusetts. Instead, he’d faked his death to avoid the supposed deep-state cabal that is at the center of QAnon and teamed up with Trump to kick off a decades-long strategy. While Trump had laid the groundwork for his presidential bid, QAnon believers posited, Kennedy had become Q.

While JFK Jr. disappointed the hundreds who gathered in early November by not showing up, a smaller and very devoted crown has yet to give up on his reappearance.

The Dallas Morning News wrote of the group Monday, that the “devotion of this particular group, along with their loyalty to a leader known as Negative48 and unwillingness to leave Dallas, is unique — and cause for alarm and concern, according to an expert who has followed QAnon for years.”

Vice News spoke to a nurse named Katy Garner, whose sister joined the ranks of those believing in this particular tenant of QAnon.

“It took her about three months to become totally obsessed,” Garner told Vice of her sister’s first dabbling in the conspiracy theory. “That’s all she would talk about. You could call her and somehow the conversation would turn into how we live in a world with reptilians and how the Clintons are evil baby-eaters.”

Garner discusses the darker side of the group, saying her sister has “so far handed over about $200,000 to the group, and is being forced to drink a hydrogen peroxide solution and take “bio pellets” to ward off COVID-19 and stay healthy.”

“She left her children for this and doesn’t even care. She is missing birthdays and holidays for this. She truly believes this is all real and we are the crazy ones for trying to get her to come home. But she won’t,” Garner said. “I don’t believe she will ever come back from this. We are in mourning.”

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