Scaramucci Snaps After Getting Called Out By Fox Anchor for Hypocrisy: ‘You Brought Me On Here to Be a Crash Dummy’


Since changing his tune about President Donald Trump, a man he previously worked for and even lauded in a book, Anthony Scaramucci has done scores of cable news hits — but largely steered clear of Fox News. On Monday, he opted to appear on Fox’s America’s Newsroom, and promptly got into a heated tussle with anchor Sandra Smith.

The Fox anchor grilled Scaramucci, a noted Wall Street player, about why he backs former Vice President Joe Biden’s financial policies.

“How does Anthony Scaramucci support raising the corporate tax?” Smith asked, right out of the box.

“Anthony Scaramucci supports patriotism,” he replied. “And the institutions of our democracy, and the rule of law in the country, and not trying to subvert that. I also support science, and not fictitious things, or politicizing the use of masks, or trying to fire somebody inside the federal government that’s been there for 36 years that’s trying to protect the American people.”

Smith cut off Scaramucci, who repeatedly tried to get back in — setting the stage for a rancorous debate. The Fox anchor question how Scaramucci could favor Biden on matters relating to the economy, after so vocally backing Trump in the early days of his term.

“Anthony, I ask you this because you’re a big finance guy,” Smith said — citing the Wall Street Journal editorial board criticizing the Biden economic plan.

“Sandra, the market is telling you something, OK?” Scaramucci replied — pointing to the Dow rise on Monday as evidence that a Biden victory has been priced in, and will be well received on Wall Street. “The market is rallying off the [predictions of a] Biden victory. The market recognizes that we have to heal the country. The president has made us weaker, sicker and poorer as a nation. OK?”

The two talked over each other at numerous points, with Scaramucci eventually snapping — despite being evasive on Smith’s questions.

“You’re not letting me talk,” Scaramucci said. “You brought me on here to be a crash dummy.”

The fiery skirmish concluded with Smith accusing Scaramucci for being out of touch on the economy.

“It’s a very simple thing,” Scaramucci said. “Heal the people, rebuild the economy, extra stimulus, 7.5 million jobs more than the Trump plan.”

“You made your money!” Smith said. “It’s easy for you to say that, right?”

Scaramucci bristled at the criticism.

“What are you talking about, Sandra?” Scaramucci said. “Come on. I made my money? I made my money starting from nothing, Sandra. I want to help the people that have nothing, have something.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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