‘Talk of Secession Is Treason’: Geraldo Rivera Slams Rush Limbaugh for ‘Reckless and Irresponsible’ Comments About America Breaking Apart


Fox News’ Martha MacCallum ignited a surprisingly strong pushback from panelist Geraldo Rivera when she asked about the deep political division roiling the country and radio host Rush Limbaugh’s warning that secession might be in America’s near future.

Appearing on the Thursday evening edition of MacCallum’s The Story alongside Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, Rivera forcefully rejected Limbaugh’s premise and mocked him for pretending not to understand liberal New Yorkers.

On Wednesday, Limbaugh had warned his radio listeners that the competing liberal and conservative ideologies are increasingly incompatible with the same country: “I actually think that we’re trending toward secession.” He subsequently walked back his comments earlier on Thursday, saying he was “not advocating” for the break-up of the country.

MacCallum led off her segment pointing to the dissension over the 2020 election that say Joe Biden unseat President Donald Trump.

“The country used to have shared vision over all of what it meant to be American,” the Fox host said. “Even Rush Limbaugh warning that he thinks we might be headed in a dangerous direction, an actual separation of the states.”

After playing the “secession” clip from Limbaugh’s Wednesday show, pivoted to Rivera to ask about this “profound and challenging statement.”

“I think talk of secession is treason, Martha, I want to be very clear,” Rivera shot back. “Rush Limbaugh is a powerhouse broadcaster. He is one in a zillion, they come along once in a generation, but that talk is reckless, it’s  irresponsible.”

“I had to laugh, Rush goes on to say that people where he has have no idea what people in New York are thinking, they are so different they are like a different species,” Rivera added, before mocking that claim. “Half of New York lives in Florida where Rush Limbaugh lives, it’s preposterous. I live in Ohio, a red state. I strongly supported President Trump, but also pro-gun control, pro-immigration reform, I’m pro-choice. I think leaders who accentuate the differences and exacerbate the divide are themselves responsible.”

“Well, that’s a strong charge,” MacCallum said — appearing to be caught somewhat off-guard by Rivera’s forceful rebuttal. “It’s a discussion that’s being had in a lot of places.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


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