Cal-eave? Group Petitions to Have California Secession Question Appear on Ballot in 2018

Texas GOP Wants Secession Resolution On March Primary Ballot

White House Responds To Secession Petitions: ‘Our States Remain United’

Texas Nationalist Movement: ‘People Are Frightened, People Are Scared’ And Support For Secession Is Growing

Deporting Piers And Finding Aliens: The Inevitable Futility Of The White House Petition Site

Ron Paul: Secession Petitions ‘Raise A Lot Of Worthwhile Questions’

Megyn Kelly Panel Battles Over Whether The States Could Legally Secede From U.S.

Alec Baldwin And Letterman Mock Anti-Obama Secessionists: Should Call Themselves ‘United States Of Caucasia’

Fox’s The Five Take On Anti-Obama Secession Movement

Rick Perry Reassures The Nation That Texas Will Not Be Seceding

Texas GOP Official Calls For ‘Amicable Divorce’ From ‘Maggots’ Who Voted For Obama

The Real Truth About Gov. Rick Perry And Secession

The Daily Show Takes On The South’s Slavery Whitewash, Breaks Secession Ball’s…Chops

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