Trump Actually Considered Quitting 2016 Race After ‘Disgusting’ Access Hollywood Comments: Kellyanne Conway


Kellyanne Conway wrote in her upcoming book that Donald Trump considered dropping out of the 2016 presidential race after the infamous Access Hollywood tape was released weeks before the election.

The Daily Beast obtained a preview of Here’s the Deal, the upcoming memoir from Conway with reflections on her time managing Trump’s 2016 campaign and working in the White House.

In the book, Conway writes that she attended a meeting in Trump Tower on October 8, 2016, wherein Trump was grappling with his options after the release of the tape where he boasted of being famous enough to sexually grab women without their consent.

“Trump had seen reports that the GOP ‘could force him off the ticket or hold a vote to expel him’ amid the fury over his misogynistic comments, captured on video a decade earlier,” the Beast reports.

He asked Conway: “‘Should I get out [of the race]?”

The report says Conway pondered in that moment on whether Trump was second-guessing himself, or testing her. According to her own account, Conway talked him out of abandoning the race, telling him “You actually can’t [drop out], unless you want to forfeit and throw the whole damn thing to Hillary [Clinton].”

“What do you mean, I can’t?” Trump responded. Conway explained that it was no longer an option for Trump since early voting had already started.

“I know you don’t like to lose, but I also know you don’t like to quit,” Conway said. Even though Conway repeatedly defended Trump over the Access Hollywood firestorm, she told Trump at the time that his remarks were “disgusting” and “reprehensible.”

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