Trump Defends Biden From Trump Attack on Biden: ‘He Has Not Said’ He’ll Dodge Debates


President Donald Trump unexpectedly defended former Vice President Joe Biden over his own campaign’s false attacks that he’s trying to avoid presidential debates, telling Fox & Friends that Biden has actually not said anything to indicate he’s unwilling to debate Trump.

During an extensive phone interview Wednesday morning, co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Trump about recent commentary to the effect that some Biden allies believe he should not debate Trump.

“What about the debates? Jill Biden was interviewed yesterday by Dana Perino and she said that Joe Biden will be debating you in those three debates, he’s already committed to that,” Earhardt said. “But then you have people with the New York Times, Joe Lockhart suggesting that he not debate you, you have other saying that all of a sudden it’s not an accurate forum, and they’re not in favor of these debates. Why do you think that is?”

Lockhart said, on CNN, that Biden shouldn’t debate Trump because Trump lies so much.

“Well they’re trying to get out,” Trump said, echoing an attack he and his campaign have made repeatedly. “I mean my people are telling me that they are playing very cute, they’re trying to get out, there’s no question about that.”

Trump then spent a minute or so complaining about the Commission on Presidential Debates, noting that it was he who once cast doubt on participation in the forums.

He concluded by saying “Regardless what it is, I’m ready to debate, I don’t care.”

Trump then reiterated “I hear he wants to get out, but then noted “but he has, in all fairness to him, he has not said that.”

Trump and his campaign have been floating the complete fabrication that Biden planned to avoid the debates using the coronavirus as an excuse for months, when Biden has consistently said the exact opposite, and has already agreed to participate in all three scheduled debates.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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