WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Laughs When Asked if Trump Should Be Banned From Twitter: ‘No!’


While Senator Kamala Harris has demanded President Donald Trump be banned from Twitter for threatening behavior, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren laughed off the mere suggestion.

At a press gaggle following her appearance at a presidential Gun Safety Forum, Warren was asked about Trump’s infamous social media account.

“Senator Warren, really easy one,” the reporter said, and asked “Should Donald Trump be banned from Twitter?”

Without skipping a beat, Warren let out a laugh and sneered “No!”

Warren did not elaborate, and immediately moved on to other questions.

But at the end of the gaggle, a reporter asked Warren if she believed Trump “uses the term ‘Treason’ recklessly?”

“Yes,” Warren responded, and walked off.

For the past several days, Senator Harris has been calling for Trump to be suspended from Twitter for things like fomenting civil war and threatening people like Rep. Adam Schiff and the Ukraine whistleblower. On Wednesday, she sent a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey listing Trump’s violations of the site’s terms of service. Harris cited Trump’s references to “treason” in her letter.

Watch the clip above, via Andrew Davey.

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