Kamala Harris Rips Trump for ‘Civil War’ Tweet: ‘Delusional’ to Compare Impeachment to War Over Slavery


Senator Kamala Harris said tonight President Donald Trump is “delusional” to invoke “civil war” in talking about impeachment.

Trump was roundly criticized for tweets quoting a Fox News guest saying there will be “a Civil War like fracture” in the country if Democrats “are successful in removing the President from office”:

Harris spoke with Anderson Cooper tonight and said, “If Donald Trump thinks that this is a moment where he’s actually being held accountable for his failures as president and his failure to uphold the oath to protect the Constitution of the United States and our democracy, if he’s equating that with a war that took place between American people over slavery, I mean, it is yet again evidence of the fact that he is delusional in that he has a very outsized sense of himself as compared to the history of our country and all that we have been through and all that we are capable of. So, you know, I just think what’s most important is we not indulge his delusions and that we bring him back to reality. And I think the impeachment process will do that.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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