comScore Rep. Ayanna Pressley Grills Wells Fargo CEO Charle Scharf On Paid Sick Leave

WATCH: Rep. Pressley Grills Wells Fargo CEO On Paid Sick Leave In Midst Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Representative Ayanna Pressley (D- MA) grilled Wells Fargo CEO, Charles Scharf, Tuesday in a congressional hearing, while urging the company CEO to provide paid sick time off not only to top employees but also down to service workers amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Pressley began her questioning by asking Scharf, “In the midst of this global pandemic, will you commit to allowing all employees who can perform their duties remotely, to do so? Yes or No?”

“Yes,” Scharf replied.

“Do you commit to proving all workers, down to custodial staff, call center employees and third-party contractors, with necessary sick days as well as paid leave? Yes or no?” Pressley asked.

Scharf then appeared to hesitate while answering, “I need to think about that whole list of people, but for our employees, we absolutely will do that.”

“All employees? Down to custodial staff? Third-party service workers – our most vulnerable workforce,” Pressley responded.

The CEO fired back, “I did not say, third-party workers…”

“No, I did,” fired back the congresswoman.

“…I said employees, and we certainly would be will to look at the rest…” Scharf concluded.

Watch above, via CSPAN.

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