Rigging Claims Backfire as Voter Asks GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Why Bother Voting in GA Runoff if it’s ‘Already Decided’


Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel scrambled to tamp down concern over false claims of election rigging when a voter asked her why people should participate in the Georgia runoff if the election is “already decided?”

President Donald Trump’s months-long campaign to undermine confidence in election results has escalated in the weeks since Election Day — and his defeat at the hands of President-elect Joe Biden — and appears to have been effective at convincing at least one Georgia Republican that voting in the hotly-contested Jan. 5 Georgia runoff would be futile.

CNN’s Ryan Nobles tweeted video of an exchange between McDaniel and the voter, in which McDaniel first responds to a man alleging vote-switching by saying “We didn’t see that in the audit, so we’ve got to just, that evidence, I haven’t seen. So we’ll also wait and see on that.”

“How are we going to miss money and work when it’s already decided?” a woman asks, as McDaniel exclaims “It’s not decided, this is the key. It’s not decided!”

The woman continues to insist “It’s already decided, people” as McDaniel pleads her case.

That exchange took place in Marietta, Georgia Saturday morning, where McDaniel was taking questions from voters. Nobles and fellow CNN reporter DJ Judd posted tweets describing a difficult environment for the GOP chair, who faced a crowd juiced with Trump-fueled skepticism.

Trump devoted a chunk of his combative Thanksgiving press conference to baseless and false allegations about the election in Georgia.

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